Simplify and scale up the collaboration with your partners
  • Integrate communications with all your partners into one platform
  • Organise, Track and Manage all orders
  • Keep your partners up to date on all orders and transactions
  • Create digital lookbooks for faster liquidation of your on-hand inventory.
  • Showcase your product portfolio for future orders
  • Reduce lead times by streamlining your communications channels
  • Discover and connect with new partners


Comprehensive reports and interactive dashboards to help you plan and decide faster
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based data analytics
  • Stakeholder dependent interactive dashboards
  • tock & Sale Analysis, Rate of Sale, Top and Worse seller report, Sell through Reports among other reports
  • Business Intelligence module to capitalize buying trends across a geographical zone
  • Predictive intelligence for Inventory management and distribution


Enhanced customer experience with 24*7 support solutions
  • All in one communications platform
  • Manage all communication internal as well as external at one place
  • Create groups, share files, inform updates with ease
  • Collaborate online with partners