Streamline all store business,better manage budgets,reduce inventory cover,increase stock turns and reduce discounting by reducing non performing style stock accumulation


Overcome the complexities of managing retail stores with an integrated system
  • Streamline your buying processes with scientifically managed OTBs
  • Manage the data of an individual store or a cluster of stores all from the same dashboard
  • Store level P & L for better expense management
  • Set standards across your retail chain to facilitate better data analysis
  • Stay up to date with your brand partners, their linesheets and lookbooks.
  • Get Notified about change in order status and stock availability
  • Create inventory thresholds for each style at a store level for replenishment


Enhance your in-Store experience for better customer retention
  • A contact less information assistance system for customers within the store.
  • Provide customers with options to Browse Store inventory, Place orders, Make payments, Select delivery preferences from their devices.
  • tock & Sale Analysis, Rate of Sale, Top and Worse seller report, Sell through Reports among other reports
  • Give a true essence of omnichannel retail with a digital storefront to all your brick and mortar stores.
  • Overcome space constraints with “Endless Aisle” concept to showcase all your inventory.


Comprehensive reports and interactive dashboards to help you plan and decide faster
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based data analytics
  • Stakeholder dependent interactive dashboards
  • Stock & Sale Analysis, Rate of Sale, Top and Worse seller report, Sell through Reports among other reports
  • Business Intelligence module to capitalize buying trends across a geographical zone
  • Predictive intelligence for Inventory management and distribution


Enhanced customer experience with 24*7 support solutions
  • All in one communications platform
  • Manage all communication internal as well as external at one place
  • Create groups, share files, inform updates with ease
  • Collaborate online with partners