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A closed user group (CUG) is a group configuration that limits access beyond the defined set of group members. This type of setup can be useful in digital service designs. Intrakraft is a CUG platform where entry is restricted to members only. Brands and retailers can transact with each other only after sending invitation and establishing a connection. For example if a retailer likes a brand profile then he/she needs to send an invitation to brand and if brand accepts the invitation to connect then only retailer can browse brand collection and place orders.
Click to transact is an easy ordering process provided by Intrakraft where brands and retailers can transact with each other with easy click to process features. For more information click here
Yes, each brand account on intrakraft will have a dedicated account manager. This account manager will help brand with all queries and issues for a smooth intrakraft experience.
No. Intrakraft is a members only platform where only your profile page will be visible to members. Once you accept a retailers connection request and connection is established by Intrakraft team then only a retailer can browse your collection.
You can upload inventory via CSV import and export where you can Import any data with CSV drag and drop. You can also automate data integration with scheduled FTP-based import and export. We have built connectors for popular ERPs and inventory softwares that allow for faster integration setup.
We will be providing photo shoot for catalogues at request which will attract a nominal additional cost.
Your payments are secured with intrakraft through ESCROW/NODAL services as per RBI guidelines.
No, you can configure your margin as per your terms of trade with retailers. Intrakraft provides you the ability to manage differential margins.
Yes, you can bring your existing business on Intrakraft. We will build your existing partnerships on portal so you can start transacting seamlessly and avail all intrakraft benefits.
Single check out is an intrakraft feature where a retailer can place orders with multiple brands in single checkout. That is you can buy as per collection, theme, price point or colour and intrakraft will manage order processing in the background generating different documents for different retailers.
Intrakraft has tied up with various financial institutions through whom retailers can avail credit line facility. These financial institutions will provide credit line post their verification.
No. retailer’s orders do not require a payment online. The brand can set-up it’s own payment and delivery conditions and negotiate with retailer directly.
Any additional discounts will be between brands and retailers. Intrakraft does not interfere in the process.
Yes, Intrakraft provides different filters through which you can browse collections as per brands, themes, price points, colours etc.

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